You know the saying; people leave their bosses, not their jobs.

We help you become the leader no one wants to leave.

Turnover is Costly...We can help

It costs $44,000 each time a nurse has to be replaced. But money isn’t the only downside to turnover. Turnover also causes:

  • Burnout among the remaining staff – They’re tired of onboarding new staff and carrying extra shifts during shortages.
  • Ineffective teams - Trust and confidence must be earned over time. Turnover hinders teamwork.
  • Lack of trust – Constant turnover erodes trust in both leadership and team members.
  • Low morale – It’s difficult to keep up morale when you’re forced to work short staffed day after day to cover vacancies.
  • Diminished engagement resulting in lower quality, safety and services – Knowing important processes and systems are essential in maintaining consistent quality and safety.

This 8–part, course is interactive and designed to elevate the nurse leader with skills to inspire, engage, and retain the best talent. Participants will have access to:

  • Online and live lessons

  • Tools for hands-on skills practice

  • Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Individual coaching

  • Access to coaches during the 8 week course

What You Will Learn

No one wants to leave a solid team with a great leader. Interviews with CNOs from across the country showed that underdeveloped leadership skills is the #1 cause of turnover. In spite of this, most nurse leaders are placed in supervisor or manager roles with little or no training causing frustration for both the leader and the staff. Our research identified the most crucial leadership skills needed to increase engagement, build trust, and create loyal, high-performing teams.

  • How to hire for fit

  • Mastering the stay interview and developing a personalized stay plan

  • The power of visibility & presence in building trust

  • How to spot levels of engagement in your team members

  • Coaching for engagement and improved performance

  • Fostering connection to purpose

  • How to get more of what you want through communication, recognition and clarity

  • Managing expectations

Your Course Creators, Coaches and Faculty

President/CEO & Founder, Baird Group

Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA

Kristin Baird has over 30 years in nursing leadership, coaching and training. The author of five books and hundreds of articles, Baird has been a thought leader in improving healthcare culture and patient experience for more than two decades. She has helped hundreds of people to improve their leadership skills resulting in reduced turnover, improved engagement, and heightened satisfaction. As a nurse and consultant, she’s been there, and done that. Baird received her BSN from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Masters in Health Administration from Cardinal Stritch University.

Senior Consultant, Baird Group

Angela Fieler, MPA, CMQ/OE

Angela Fieler is a skilled consultant focused on strategic planning, leadership development, operational excellence, customer service, training, and facilitation. Her consulting practices are founded on thirty years of experience in the healthcare arena, including operations, quality improvement, customer service, data analysis, human resources, public relations, and direct patient care. Angela has extensive experience consulting with clients on how to improve their relationships with patients, employees, and physicians. Angela earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from St. Leo College and her MPA from George Mason University. She received over 120 hours of training in quality improvement theory and practice from the U.S. Navy and is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence with the American Society for Quality.

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